Welcome to Southside!

God’s mission since the beginning of human existence is to know and be known. This started at the beginning of time with His command to multiply and fill the earth, and it continued with Jesus’ command to go and make disciples. Since that time, nothing has changed. God still wants to know and be known and to bring people into His growing family through Jesus Christ. And the cool thing is that we can come from completely different ethnic, religious, political, and economic backgrounds, we can all be weird in our own unique ways, and God delights in putting us all together into one family.

At Southside, we believe the church isn’t a building; it’s people. It’s us. And we are just a small part of this worldwide family of God. We desire to know Him, to live in community with one another, and to share His good news to a world in desperate need of Jesus. We believe this good news is much more than a “Get out of hell ticket” when we die. Because of Jesus, we can live a life of fullness and purpose in the here and now.

If you’ve stumbled onto our website, know that it’s not by accident. God might just be extending an invitation to you to come and be filled, to know Him, to be a part of His family, and to truly belong… We hope to connect with you soon!