What to expect


We know that walking into a new church can be intimidating and even frightening at times, depending on your past experiences. Even so, we hope that you will take a brave step and come join us for a service. Though we can’t fully describe everything you will experience on your visit, we’ll try to give you a good idea of what to expect.

Our regular service begins at 10:00 AM on Sunday mornings. We invite you to come as you are. You don’t need to dress up. We tend to be a bit on the casual side. You’ll see a lot of us in jeans, though some of us do dress up a bit. Whatever you decide to wear, we feel pretty confident you won’t stand out.

You will likely be greeted by our Connections Team when you walk through the doors. They just love people and want to help you in any way they can, maybe by simply answering whatever questions you might have. You’ll enter into a large foyer, and the sanctuary where we’ll be having the service is through the doors straight ahead. You should see our Connect Center with the big “Connect” banner in the foyer. If you’d like to grab some information about who we are or see some of the things that are coming up, stop by! When you’re ready, simply walk through the doors at the end of the foyer, grab a program from one of our ushers, and have a seat wherever you feel comfortable.

We generally begin the service by singing together. Our songs are an expression of worship to a God who is far more worthy than we are even capable of understanding. Songs can range from contemporary to classic hymns. Sometimes we have a full band with drums and electric guitar, and other times we might pull everything back and simply have an acoustic guitar. We also have a time of teaching. The teaching is relevant today as Scripture is not an outdated book for a historical time. Its principles are timeless and applicable for all time and all generations and all circumstances. Sometimes we may study a specific book of the Bible, and other times the teaching may be more topical. Whatever the subject matter is, the goal is not to simply learn more information but to hear from God and respond to His good news for us. (You can check out some of our past messages here). Somewhere in the service, we may also include a time of greeting or occasionally even join together in small groups for a time.

After the service is over, you are welcome to hang around for a bit—we’d love to get to know you! But if you prefer, you can leave anytime you would like.

If you have children, you are welcome to keep them with you during the service or take advantage of our nursery and children’s ministries. Our nursery is for ages 0-2 and is located upstairs on the southeast part of the building. KidConnect is for ages 2 through 5th grade and you can check your children in almost immediately when you walk through the front doors. The check-in area is located at the computer on the right side of the foyer. KidConnect is a great way for the kids to learn at their own level, but again, you are welcome to keep them with you if you prefer.

Do you have more questions? Please call our office at (920) 458-7075 or email office@ssachurch.org. We’d love to assist however we can!

Hope to see you soon!